"You've got to let yourself feel and be. Many things are structured
to make you think you've got to fit a certain profile or that it's weak to feel.
I think to truly experience the beauty of being human,
you've got to allow yourself to be and be strong enough to feel"

50/50 is basically truth or dare - without the truth! This time around I was dared to eat OCTOPUS sushi at a brilliant Japanese restaurant in Nairobi called Furusato! How was the experience? Well - press play! PS: This is season 1's finale!!! We will be back soon - but loads more dope stuff on: adelleonyango.com
On this episode of #AdelleOnTheLoose I'll take you to the KENYA Vs GERMANY rugby game!!!! I got to chill with the KENYA team in their hotel before the game and see what they get up to before a game! #TeamADELLE came through for the game and it was all levels of fun! Mayonde also killed it during the Half-Time performance! We may not If you were there, you might spot yourself in the video - if you weren't watch what you missed and make sure you're at the next game!
This one is for the LOVERS of LOVE! I found this amazing place in Limuru that would make the perfect place for a date! A beautiful walk in a forest, a nice excursion in the tea farm and a scrumptious meal to wrap it up! On this episode of #AdelleOnTheLoose I introduce you to Kiambethu Tea Farm that's been around from 1910! http://www.kiambethufarm.com/ Who did I test this date destination on? My homie and Kenyan superstar Kagwe Mungai! PS: I don't know why he doesn't trust my driving though!