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May 2019

Legally Clueless Ep 11 – Keeping It 100

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I realized that I love telling stories
And getting people to tell their stories!
Stories that teach, that inspire
That make us cry or laugh!

So hopefully I can get 100 African Stories
In the episodes to come! Story 1 is Nancy’s
battles as a Young African Woman
in a workspace.


Legally Clueless Ep 9 – We Therapy, Do You?

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My best friend Val makes a comeback to the podcast!

We both attribute our healing to going to therapy and we tell you all our good, bad, beautiful therapy stories in this episode.

Val is also hosting one of our fave therapists on her blog so if you have questions she should ask the therapist send them in via:
– Our podcast hotline +254768628790
– DM @misslwile on instagram