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June 2019

Legally Clueless Ep15 – Two Men And A Cat

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This week I’m thankful for
clarity and no confusion!
Everything feels right – even
standing on the same stage with the president!

#100AfricanStories this week
features Chim; a Kenyan and Nigerian
his story brings forth a very important topic
on African men and the support systems
they lack.

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Legally Clueless Ep14 – Jumping In Front Of Knives

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One week of self – employment
has been….interesting
In this episode catch up
with this major life change
and I have some EXCITING news!

On #100AfricanStories Chiki Kuruka
reppin Nigeria shares the number of
times she’s jumped in front of a KNIFE!
Which is interesting because I just watched
a BBC story on African teenagers
being sent back home to
Africa because they’re targets of knife crimes!

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Legally Clueless Ep13 – I Finally Did It

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I made a decision that
took me FOUR years to make!
Here’s to new beginnings!
Find out what I cluelessly did in this episode!

Also, this week on #100AfricanStories,
Max shares her experience of being unemployed
Let’s just say that relatives need to be
better support systems sometimes
when we’re unemployed! She has some
great tips on moving from a job!

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