Hey, so let me catch you up on what I’ve been up to in the last couple of years. Oh wait, first my name’s Adelle Onyango, an African personality from Kenya, recognized as one of BBC’s 100 Women 2017 and OkayAfrica’s 100Women 2018. Which was pretty amazing!

Let’s rewind things to 2009; I started an open mic night with a friend of mine in campus, for poets and musicians to showcase their pieces monthly. Mainly because I’m a poet too but also I thought, at the time, there was a lack of genuine safe spaces that nurtured art. So if you can’t find something, you make it!

That led to a radio station dedicated to African music calling me up when they set up their station. Was radio something I planned for? Not at all. I didn’t even study it. But I ended up hosting their drive show for 2 and a half years before the top urban radio station in Kenya, Kiss FM, asked me to join them.

I moved and hosted their mid morning show for 3 years before they moved me to host their breakfast show! Which is what I currently do from Monday to Friday mornings. I also created a radio show dedicated to African music, curated by me, that I host every Saturday night. I’ve also created a platform called Adelle TV with series that are all on a mission to help you discover more African voices, African places and have a laugh too!

I think my human journey has been a bit bitter sweet. I’m a rape survivor and that has led me to be passionate about leading conversations around ending rape culture and giving other survivors access to free psycho-social support.

I’m also passionate about young Africans. I think we have been misrepresented. All we need is opportunity. Opportunity to relevant education, environments that contribute to our goals and most importantly, to come up with solutions for our issues.

So yeah, you’ll find a lot of projects that you can be involved in here, a lot of shows that you’ll enjoy and maybe, just maybe, something to inspire you too!