The Adelle Onyango Initiative

Unapologetically African. 

About The Initiative

The Adelle Onyango Initiative is an advocacy organization that works to educate the public and raise awareness of issues facing vulnerable populations, specifically women and youth, as well as the progress being made to alleviate these issues.

The initiative aims to uplift a community of strong voices who advocate, educate, and provide solutions for reducing the barriers to empowerment and economic inclusion so that women and youth can thrive. The Adelle Onyango Initiative will also partner with organizations and brands who share the initiative’s vision and can offer support through funding and providing resources.



Empowering youth in this increasingly competitive and technology-driven world depends, in large part, on access to quality education and jobs. It’s critical to not only advocate for equitable education and increased employment opportunities but to also ensure that our youth are aware of the financial, education, and employment opportunities that are available to them through various organizations.


The World Economic Forum projects that it will take 170 years to reach gender equality globally. In Kenya, women’s empowerment is hindered by gender-based violence, unequal access to the Kenyan justice system, harmful traditional practices, as well as land inheritance and acquisition practices that favour men.


Most people who need mental health services are experiencing emotional distress due to serious life challenges. The stigma associated with mental health care, as well as access to equitable mental health support prevents people from seeking the help and treatment they need in order to live fulfilling lives.

Our Approach


The initiative will continue offering programs that uplift the youth through mentorship, career development, and the opportunity to give back to their communities.


We partner with like-minded people and organizations to offer high-quality services and support to improve the quality of life for women and youth.


We will use the power of storytelling to educate the public about people and organizations that are working toward equity in their communities. These stories will include a call to action that tells the audience.