Legally Clueless Ep6 – Why Won’t Our Passion Make Us Money!

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My best friend Val a.k.a Lwile of 14years is in this episode!

She’s recently found her passion which is writing (she’s hella good at it too), as have I but we keep failing to find a way to live off our passion – they don’t make us enough money (or no money even). We don’t think we’re the only ones facing this – enjoy our tips, venting & laughter in this episode.

PS: Check out her blog here:


Legally Clueless Ep5 – Lynda Nyangweso’s Turning Point

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This episode picks up where we left it – Body Insecurities.

Thank you for sending in your stories of overcoming insecurities about your body on the podcast hotline! Some of them are in this episode!

Also in this episode, my good friend, colleague and Kenyan media personality, Lynda Nyangweso shares her turning point – when she realized she had to start loving her body.


Legally Clueless Ep4 – Ashamed Of My Scars

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This episode is inspired by:
– my journey to accepting my scars and learning not to be ashamed of them.
– A quote I came across: “Dare to love your body in a society that makes you hate it for profit” – and it spoke volumes to my journey of self acceptance.

PS: If after listening to this episode you want to share about your own insecurities about your body – send a whatsapp voice note to: +254768628790