If you haven’t joined TeamADELLE then that’s one thing you’re not doing right.

TeamADELLE has 2500 registered members who are awakened, self aware and self liberated.

This is a community of today’s leaders who know that they can come up with the solutions for today’s problems. All they need is the opportunity to get access to skills that can help them do that. This is something I’m very passionate about – young leaders.

TeamADELLE was once just a hashtag used whenever my radio shows would air but it has grown to a hub that connects young Africans to employment, skill building, mentorship and scholarship opportunities. It’s also a network of young Africans who show awareness of the community around them through charity events and hangouts. Welcome to the team!

#Join the Movement

Registering now would not only give you access to the fun events and great opportunities we have, but it would also place you in the company of today’s leaders.