My first love is poetry. It’s my escape. I fell in love with it during an English literature class when I was 13. We were told to pick our favourite song, print out the lyrics and discuss it as poetry. I picked a Whitney Houston song and my desk mate picked Thong Song. Diversity. So what do I do in my free time? Read and analyse poetry from different African countries.

"I love African music. Honestly keeping up with international artists is exhausting for me but due to the nature of my job I kind of have to give a damn. But African music – this is all I listen to (with a few injections of Jcole, Kendrick Lamar and Erykah Badu). I feel like African music speak in its rhythm, words and vibe."

"I’m a Kenyan lass who wants to chime in on the African narrative. In writing it and preaching it. So from an early age I discovered my voice through poetry and went on to create an open mic monthly event in Nairobi where artists could come and speak art freely. Before I knew it, a microphone was turned on and placed infront of my face. No seriously, that’s kinda how I found myself hosting the drive show on 1FM after only doing one radio course by mistake! After 2 years it was time to grow and Kenya’s top radio station KissFm called. I answered. I currently host the breakfast show at Kissfm."

I survived rape. This is a badge I now wear with pride because I have taken back my power over it. I have defined how that experience will change me. This has taken me years to do and now I openly talk about my experience. For me with every challenge I face I go back to this conquest and think 2 things: If I could survive that, what can’t I survive and I survived for a reason – I’m on a quest to discover that reason.
I believe in sharing stories and not being embarrassed of your story. We go through the same things – we just don’t talk about it. So, join my team, let’s change our continent – one story at a time (while having tons of fun!)

"I've finally learnt that unlearning is harder and more important than learning. So now I can feel myself evolving, growing closer to greatness"